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Join us for the Spring Herb Faire!

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Spring Herb Faire Schedule

June 2, 2019 — 10 am - 4 pm

One Mile, Bidwell Park, Chico, CA

10 am

Herb Faire Starts!

10:30 am

Veganically Grow Veggies and Herbs

with Scott Barrett
25 mins

What might be a surprise to many is that food crops are almost always grown with animal-based fertilizers, a non-essential element to healthy agriculture and often sourced from the by-products of factory farms. This raises concerns for the environment, personal health, religious practices and the growing demand for veganism. Join this workshop to discover the future of a more ethical and sustainable agricultural system.


11 am

Boost Your Bone Broth

with Heidi Garrett of Blum & Bru Broths
25 mins

Blum and Bru Broth’s will be giving a tasting and a talk on how to transform ordinary bone broth into a potent, nutritious & healing brew. Come broaden your soup making horizons by learning the benefits of using herbs in your bone broths and soup stocks! Learn about ways of integrating bone broth into your diet that you may not have considered before.

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

with Nicole Carroll of The Elderberry Apothecary
45 mins

Take a guided walk around Herb Faire and learn how to befriend the herbal allies growing right under your feet.


12 PM

Clay, Aloe, and Charcoal as Health Allies

With Eartha Shanti of ShantiPeace Productions
25 mins

Learn these simple, natural, economical health allies!  Skin, teeth, sores, baths, plasters, tonics and more.  We will taste the aloe, drink the charcoal, and wet the clay as we discuss health strategies.  To health!

Creating an Herbal Kitchen

with Rachel Rickard of The Elderberry Apothecary & Wild Earth Brews
45 mins

Rachel will discuss some of the easiest ways to integrate common herbs into your everyday life for better health that are fun and delicious. From immune boosting to  supporting your digestion, there are simple strategies to keep herbs on the table and your family healthy- for very low cost!


1 pm

The Ethics of Wildcrafting

with Cheri Neal of Herban Myth
25 mins

We will learn how to harvest medicine in the wild with respect to the plants, to ensure the longevity and sustainability of plant life, and with reverence and minimal disruption to the ecosystem. This knowledge is crucial for anyone who is interested in practicing herbal medicine.

Listening to Our Herbal Friends

with Adam Moes of Acupuncture & Herbs
45 mins

There are so many ways our Herbal Friends want to help us. We just need some degree of mental peace and quiet so we can hear them better.


2 pm

10 Easy Medicinal Herbs

with Sherri Scott of NatureJunkie Farm & Forage and GRUB Grown Nursery
25 mins

We will talk about 10 medicinal herbs that do well in our climate, how to best grow, harvest and use.

Moon cycles & Clay Uteri

with Katarra Shaw of Spirit Tonic & Chico Homebirth Collective
45 mins

Make your own clay uterus to take home and bake (in your oven) while learning about anatomy, the rhythms of fertility, variations in our cycles and how herbal and nutritional support can support our modern lifestyles.


3 pm

Mushroom Healing for the Land

with Samantha Zangrilli & Cheetah of Turkey Tail Farm
25 mins

Fungi are the biological engines of the natural world, and have been long recognized as critical to soil health. In the wake of the Camp Fire there is widespread toxic contamination in the forms of heavy metals. Fungi have the unique trait in which they will chelate and absorb these ions from their environment and concentrate them in the to above-ground portion of the fungus (i.e. the mushroom itself) for easy removal. The biological solution can be more impactful and precise than any fossil fuel based machines. We should use every tool available to us to heal the land and community.


4 pm

Herb Faire Ends!



Workshop Presenters & Vendors

June 2nd, 2019 — 10am-4pm

at One Mile in Bidwell Park in Chico, CA


Nicole Carroll & Rachel Rickard

The Elderberry Apothecary

Offering fresh, seasonal, nutritive herbal medicines with an emphasis on local plants; as well as safe & effective formulating. Hand crafted and house-made general immune boosting and specialized herbal tinctures, elixirs and tonics, medicinal syrups, nutritive vitamin-mineral rich herb powders, medicinal herb tea blends, a signature line of digestive bitters, And more! Nicole & Rachel grow &/or harvest 95% of the herbs/ herbal medicines they offer right here in Butte County, or the high Sierras of Northern California.


Rachel Rickard

Wild Earth Brews

Offering wild crafted and wildly nutritive fun ways to get good herbs in you! Immune tonics, Tinctures, Fire Cider, Aphrodisiacs, Calming Blends, Herb infused Honey, Mushroom Mocha Mix, Decadent Face Oil and Toner, Bitters and All Purpose Salves.


Samantha Zangrilli

TurkeyTail Farm

Her and her husband operate a pork, lamb, chicken, mushroom, flower subscription program, serving their local community from their farm in the oak savanna foothills outside Chico, CA.


Cheri Neal

Herban Myth Botanicals

Offering a line of organic skin care and herbal first aid. All herbs are wildcrafted, organically grown, or locally sourced from highest quality and purity.



Susie Lawing

Tehama Gold Olive Oil Botanicals

Featuring Olive Oil Botanicals from Susie’s garden in Cohasset and local olive oil orchards.


Adam Moes

Acupuncture & Herbs

Chinese herbs, some from China, and some from right here in Chico.  


Heidi Garrett

Blum & Bru Broths, Heidi’s Herbals

Blum and Bru Broths features 11 varieties of dried herbs in 3oz bags with labels for adding to bone broths and veggie stocks.

Heidi Herbals will have herbal first aid kits, lucid dreaming elixir, Aphrodite's elixir, eros elixir, happy tummy tincture, California poppy tincture, kava tincture, women's moon salve, lip balms, nervines, etc.


Sherri scott

Naturejunkie Farm & Forage, GRUB Grown Nursery

Featuring plant starts, nutritive herb powders, dried herbs, pastilles, medicated salves, culinary herb blends, spice blends.


Katarra Shaw

Spirit Tonic

Offering Spirit Tonic Fungi Chai, Mushroom Hot Chocolate, fermented salsa, & homemade canned goods. Herbal tea blends for the childbearing year as well. Some herbs are hand harvested from her mother's garden, others are ethically and organically sourced.  Katarra will also have her plant dyed natural fiber clothing and handmade jewelry for sale.


Eartha shanti

ShantiPeace Productions

What is health?   What is not health? Seven principles of health, a simple guide for healthy lifestyle. Nature, natural, nurture.  Body, Mind, Spirit. Eartha comes from a rich tradition in healthy lifestyle.  Nature is the truth, the light, and the way to health.  She shares her sprouts and greens and her family's Chico Rice at the Sat market.


Raychel Smith

Irayz Medicinals

Offering homemade herbal goods and flowers, sourced locally.


Lily rothrock

Lily's Herbals

A small selection of wild harvested tinctures, all made with the highest quality handmade alch made from honey.  Lily will also have her earrings for sale, which are often inspired by the medicine lessons she learns from plants. 


Ashlai Gardner

Bugbean Nursery

Featuring pesticide free herbs, vegetables, succulents and other plants that promote health and permaculture. Beanbug nursery is a pesticed/herbacide free home nursery.


Terra Karma

Silver Remedy

Colloidal silver, made in Chico.


Community Partners


The Chico Homebirth Collective

Homebirth in Chico

We are California Licensed Midwives who attend homebirths in Chico (Butte County) and the surrounding communities. We also travel to Yuba, Tehama, Sutter and Glenn Counties. Between us, we offer home insemination services, homebirth/ waterbirth services, Lactation/Breastfeeding Support, Prenatal Massage, Rolfing, Monitrice Services, Doula Services, Childbirth Education Classes, Pre-Conception Counseling, Well-Person Exams, STI testing and general lab work for reproductive health.

Our businesses are separate and as California Licensed Midwives we come together to support people and families in the Chico area desiring homebirth midwifery care and services. We are dedicated to providing holistic, individualized midwifery care, creating strong families, empowered parents, healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. The Chico Homebirth Collective welcomes people of all genders, family structures and orientations. We celebrate queer and transgender family building, intentional single parenthood and all other variations of people coming together to create and love a child.

The Veg Collective

Veganic Agriculture

Stop by the booth to learn about growing herbs and food veganically, as well as an upcoming Chico Veg Fest.

The Wellness Collective

Chico Holistic Healing Directory

We are committed to helping people find holistic ways that bring balance to their lives to help create lasting wellness and happiness. We work together to support each other and each client from love and for the highest good of all. We spread love and peace to all who we encounter. We respect the opinions and choices of our clients and each other, while providing a safe and supportive environment along the wellness journey.


 Our Sponsors



Herbal Medicine, Education & Community Building

The Elderberry Apothecary’s mission is to connect local plants and local people. We offer a semi-annual Local Herb Faire, bringing together local herbalists, offering free herbal workshops, and providing tons of fun for the whole family!

You can also order our products online, as well as sign up for our Herbal CSA program.


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