Herbal CSA

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 We offer organically homegrown medicines, teas and herbal treats for everyone to enjoy throughout the seasons in our Herbal CSA.


The CSA model helps you to vote with your dollar to support small local business to have the supplies they need to be able to offer carefully crafted, in season goods to the community. Supporting CSA's helps your community thrive!

Joining a yearly Herbal CSA gives you a chance to sample the seasons bounty & build up your own apothecary rich with plant medicine that grows where you do.

Local Medicine for Local People!


This plant medicine CSA is born and crafted from my 16 years of experience studying Herbs and natural healing. I am a certified Herbalist through the Green School of Medicine in Grass Valley. The Herbs and Flower Essences have been grown organically, sustainably sourced or wild harvested by me in the Sierra's at their peak with clean air and water. These offerings are put together with love and thought in regards to how our bodies can be supported through the changing seasons.

I am available for questions about any of the products and consultations for personalized herbal remedies to address unique issues by phone 707-362-7989 or email at WildEarthBrews@gmail.com


The shares will be brought to Chico and Sacramento April/June/Oct/Jan (Equinox and Solstice) or shipped for $7.20 ea. There are 20 Shares available.

To sign up please email WildEarthBrews@gmail.com

In Gratitude,

Rachel Rickard