Our Products


We handcraft our herbal medicines using homegrown or ethically harvested materials (at least 95% within a 200 mile radius). We believe having a connection to the plants we harvest reflects in the potency and quality of the medicine we make.


HOW TO Order

We currently do not sell medicine directly online. Please fill out our form to get started with your order.

Local delivery comes with a 5 minute mini-consultation about how to use the products.

 We also ship. 



Tinctures & Digestive Bitters

1 oz. for $15
2 oz. for $25



Herbal Teas


(Approx. 4-10 servings depending on usage)



Medicinal Syrups

4 oz. for $18



Salves & Rubs

2 oz. for $22



Nutritive Herb Salts

2 oz. for $18
4 oz. for $30



Herbal Hand Sanitizer

2 oz. for $15



Pancake Syrup

$12 for 8 oz.


Ear Oil

.5 oz. for $12