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Introducing Herbs and Wild Foods to Your Meals for Nutrition, Strength, and Energy!


The Elderberry Apothecary Presents!:

Learn to supplement your daily meals with nutrient dense plants growing in our community! Come Learn simple, delicious, creative ways to minimally process fresh herbs and have them on hand at any meal of the day.

For some, pill supplementation may be personally uncomfortable, unsustainable for long term use, have disagreeable side effects, or be ineffective due to quality or a questionable shelf life.

And poor farming practices in the conventional, mass produced Food & Ag business has led to alarming deficiencies in our soil, food, and lastly......our own bodies.

Not to mention overly cooked and processed foods!

We can easily counter these deficiencies by growing our own food or buying from organic farms that have ethical practices and food integrity. And also by adding nutritive herbs and wild plants to our diets!

Carefully cultivated and wild soils have not undergone the invasive practices that rob it of it's many life giving qualities imparted to the food and plants.

Wild plants and herbs hold an incredible store of micro-nutrients that most of us are simply not getting in our everyday meals. When eaten as a part of the meals in which we consume our macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) -- we are in a greater position to meet our nutritional needs OPTIMALLY!


In this Workshop we will dive into these issues, and share practical recipes & kitchen protocols to supplement your meals with local, nutrient dense herbs!

We will have a couple of dishes to sample, and will prepare an herbal condiment together to take home.

All herbs are homegrown &/or ethically and safely harvested. All food is locally grown and organic. Sliding scale donation $9-$20, although no one will be turned away! Bring a notebook and pen.

When: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Where: The Chico Women's Club
Who: All are welcome, Family Friendly

Later Event: August 15
Wild Pestos Workshop!