Workshops & Faire Schedule

At the Local Herb Faire on June 2, from 10 am - 4 pm, join our community of teachers in exploring the world of herbal plant medicine.  Workshops are free, open to the public, and suitable for families.


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Local Herb Faire Schedule

10 am

Opening Ceremony with Land Blessing

10:30 am - 10:55 am

Herbal First Aid

On-the-Spot Herbal First-Aid - Learn how to use some of the common and familiar plants that you might find in your own backyard to heal yourself and your loved ones, right on the spot. 

with Cheri Neal of Herban Myth Botanicals

11 am

Haitian Medicine Dance


11:30 am - 11:55 am

Plant Spirit Council

How do we engage with plants to heal our spirits, not just our physical bodies?  We will sit in a circle, listen deeply, and pass around a talking stick to share from our hearts.  We will close with a prayer of gratitude for the Earth and all the medicine she gives us

with Lily Rothrock of Lily’s Herbals


12 PM - 12:45 pm

Herbs for Childbearing Year

Herbs for the Childbearing Year discusses in depth, preparations and connections with plant medicine to support the experience of people during their years of fertility.  Everyone is welcome!

with Katarra Shaw of Spirit Tonic


12 PM - 12:45 pm

Opening to Plant Grace

In this short class, Adam will encourage you to be open to the love of our plant friends want to share with us. We will develop the understanding of different energetic personalities. Deepen our understanding of how they interact and support one another and us for health and longevity.

Adam Moes of Herbs & Acupuncture


1 pm - 1:25 pm

Teas as Tonics

We will gather and discuss the oldest and most effective method for using Herbs for healing, Teas! The preparation and intention is different then steep for 5 mins and enjoy :) Let's explore this simple healing practice!

with Rachel Rickard of Wild Earth Brews and The Elderberry Apothecary


1:30 pm - 1:55 pm

Flower Essences

Flower Essences: Vibrational Medicine for Your Soul *Discover the healing powers of flower essences! In this workshop we will cover how and why to make flower essences, plus the many ways you can use them to heal the energetic body and soul. 

with Ashli Eyerman of Earthen Abundance


2 pm - 3 pm

Plant ID Walk

We will take a beautiful walk in the park and identify edible and medicinal plants that grow right here and talk about their uses in everyday life for better health.

with Nicole Carroll of The Elderberry Apothecary


2 pm - 3 pm

Making Herbal and Aromatic Mists

Join Rachel for a story like historic background of distillation and the use of aromatic waters and essential oils. Our focus will be on their use in aromatic botanical mists and the many applications they have in our lives. Stick around after the discussion if you feel called to make your own mist to take home.

with Rachel Loren of Moonwise Herbals


2:50 PM



3 pm - 3:45 pm

Seven Principles of Health

 Whole, Wholesome, Holy - What is health?   What is not health? Seven principles of health, a simple guide for healthy lifestyle. Nature, natural, nurture.  Body, Mind, Spirit.

with Eartha Shanti 


3:50 pm

Closing Ceremony